Living Room Interior Design

Interior Makeover

Interior Makeover

The museum room is history. The formal living room where no one goes, filled witih couches and chairs where no one ever sits and a carpet that has’t been stepped on since the day it was installed, is diappearing from homes across kerala. It is being replaced by home libraries, music rooms and open floor plans that blend one room with the best and encourage families to spend time whith each other and friends. People are creating functional, stimulation spaces that make the most of the space available inside their homes we are seeing formal homes make a transition and become more usable.

Smaller houses are becoming popular again among homeowners shocked by the recession and aware that the cost of heating, cooling and general maintenace goes up along with square footage. For these homeowners, making efficient use of each inch of space is crucial Sajive said. In her own home, which had no room for the screened porch he wanted, Sajive Gagadharan replaced an exterior wall with a garage door that opens to create an instant patio. A retractable screen keep bugs out.

It is like living outdoors. Clients who face similar space challenges are knocking down walls that separate kitchen and dining rooms and installing countertops where family members and guests can linger. Others have made the decision to spend their retirement years in the home where they raised their children or have invited their parents to come live with them.  These homeowners are interested in designs that add both functionality and safety to bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms.

Homes can be designed for longevity and lifestyle. We help the think of how the use of the home may change. Doorways may need to be wider to accomodate a wheelchair. Ramps may replace stairs or a no-threshold shower may take the place of a traditioinal bathtub.
Most homeowners want to incorporate green elements into their re modelling project. That can be as simple as installing a low-flow shower bar, building with recycled materials when possible, using paints tha dont emit volatile organic compounds and using construction techniques that reduce energy use.

People are investing in their homes and want to make better choice. They want to do what is right for the environment.

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Sajive Gangadharan is a Certified Interior Designer offering interior design services in India. Sajive is the CEO of Applied Design Group, an award winning interior design firm having offices in both Trivandrum and Cochin in Kerala, India.

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